Spotlight On Lord Kitchener: Godfather of Calypso

Been listening to Klassic Kichener Vol. 1 which is available on Ice Records. Come to find out Kitch wrote the chorus of “Jump in the Line” although he was never credited.

Lord Kitchener

Aldwyn Roberts [1922-2000], was a calypso composer and performer born in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago. Born on April 18th, he is best known as Lord Kitchener, a sobriquet he derived from the valiant and formidable British soldier whose name was famous in Trinidad at the time Roberts started his career as a calypsonian. He was also sometimes called just “Kitchener” or fondly “Kitchie” by those who knew him well.
Kitchener was a musical genius whose calypso recordings became famous for their popularity as chosen songs for steelbands to play at the Panorama competition every carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago.

Kitchener produced musical compositions that were original and entertaining. Sometimes they were topical, relevant to a particular current event, and other times they reflected the genius of his ability to create vibrant melodies and engaging compositions from simple themes.

He is regarded as one of the greatest calypsonians of the 20th century. His recording “Sugar Bum Bum” is noted as one of the first soca recordings ever made, making Kitchener one of the innovators of calypso who contributed to the evolution of the calypso format into the popular form in which it exists today as Soca.

You can listen to some great old school calypso here: Lord Kitchener Radio

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